Heritage Pork for Sale

We currently have Berkshire X Mangalista pork for sale. These heritage breeds are know for their exceptional flavor and extensive marbling. Our pigs are raised with free access to our woods and pasture for foraging and fed a high quality diet of grain, acorns, fruit, and vegetables that are grown locally without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or other harmful inputs. We believe that the diet, care, and husbandry practices we utilize creates healthy, happy animals. 

We will include some recipes and tips for cooking your meat with your order. Please note that heritage breed pork is not like your grocery store pork and requires different preparations. Bon Appetit has a great article on heritage and pasture raised meats. It is also worth noting that although our pork has a higher fat content, it is much healthier than other fats. A 2012 study published in Animal Science and Biotechnologies found that Mangalista fat content contained 12-16% less saturated fatty acids and 8-10% more unsaturated fatty acids than modern commercial pig breeds.

Details on our available cuts are below with a link to our order form. 

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Bone-In Pork Loin Chops
$10.50 / lb.

Sold in packages of 2 chops. 1 Inch Thick. Average package weight (1 - 2 lbs).

The pork loin chop is the “Cadillac” of pork chops. Cut from the rib section of the loin, these chops have a relatively high fat content, rendering them flavorful and unlikely to dry out during cooking. They are a favorite in the test kitchen. These chops are easily identified by the bone that runs along one side and the one large eye of loin muscle.

Best Cooking Methods: Grilling, pan searing, braising

Spareribs - Half Rack
$8.00 / lb.

Sold in half rack packages.
 Average package weight (1.7 - 3.5 lbs).

Regular spareribs are cut close to the belly of the pig (which is also where bacon comes from). Because whole spareribs contain the brisket bone and surrounding meat, each rack can weigh upward of 5 pounds and don't always fit on the grill. This is why we sell them in half racks. Less uniform in shape then St. Louis style ribs, but with all the tasty bits in tact. 

Best Cooking Methods: Roasting and barbecuing

Ground Pork
$8.00 / lb.

Sold in 1 pound packages.
 Average package weight (1.1 - 1.4 lbs).

The secret to great pork is to start off with great ingredients, and nothing beats our heritage pork. 
Ground pork is a go-to staple, a versatile item. Ground meat is an essential part of true nose-to-tail farming and dining, using all the cuts of the animal. Our ground pork boasts a clear clean fat and great subtle flavor to any dish.
Best Cooking Methods: Sautéing, simmering, baking.

Pork Butt Roast
$9.00 / lb.

Sold as small roast packages.
 Average package weight (3.5 - 5.5 lbs).

This large flavorful cut comes from high up on the shoulder. It is a very well marbled cut with lots of intramuscular fat, making it great for any slow or long cooking process. The slow and low cooking renders the internal fat making for juicy flavorful pork. A common preparation of the butt is pulled pork.

Best Cooking Methods: Roasting, braising, stewing.

Loin End Roast
$7.00 / lb.

Sold as bone in roasts.
 Average package weight (3.5 - 5.5 lbs).

It is cut from the shoulder end of the loin and has more fat (and flavor) than the boneless center-cut loin roast. This cut is best when marinated, braised, and . This cut is higher in proteins than fat, making it lean and needing to be kept moist during the cooking process, be careful not to overcook. 


Best Cooking Methods: Marinating, Roasting, Braising.

Pork Shoulder Roast
$7.00 / lb.

Sold as fresh half shoulders.
 Average package weight (5 - 6 lbs)

Also known as a shoulder arm picnic, picnic shoulder, fresh picnic, picnic roast. This cut is rich in fat and connective tissuePork shoulder benefits from long, slow cooking that tenderizes it and melts the fat. It has loads of flavor and is also sometimes used in pulled pork or for smoking. 


Best Cooking Methods: Braising, Stewing, Baking.

Fresh Ham - Shank End
$8.00 / lb.

Sold as a fresh ham shank end.          Average package weight (8 - 11lbs).

The leg is divided into two cuts—the tapered shank end and the more rounded sirloin end. The sirloin end has a lot of bones that make carving tricky. This is the much easier to carve shank end. This cut is usually covered in a thick layer of fat and skin, which should be scored before roasting. This cut is not as fatty as you might think and benefits from brining.

Best Cooking Methods: Brining, Roasting, Smoking.

Fresh Ham Steak
$6.50 / lb.

Sold in single packages packages.
 Average package weight (1.5 - 2 lbs).

This isn't your grocery store smoked ham steak. Fresh ham steaks can get tough if not prepared properly and allow the fat to render down and moisten the meat. The flavor of this tougher cut is exceptional and we recommend brining, braising, or slow cooking. These steaks come from the sirloin end of the ham and although ringed in fat are a leaner cut of meat.   

Best Cooking Methods: Brining, Braising, Slow Cooking.

Italian Sausage Links
$11.00 / lb.

Sold in packages of three links.
 Average package weight (.8 - 1.2 lbs).

These Sweet Italian Sausages 
have an outstanding flavor and an incredibly snappy texturePasture raised heritage breeds produce marbled delicious meat, so every bite is sure to be sweet and juicy. Grill or pan-fry these juicy links, add them to a casserole or pasta dish, or anything that needs an extra kick of flavor. 

Best Cooking Methods: Sautéing, Grilling, Baking.

Sliced Bacon
$11.50 / lb.

Sold as smoked sliced bacon. 
 Average package weight (1 - 1.3 lbs).

Bacon - Do we need to say more?  These smoked and sliced pork belly's are sure to make your mouth water.  

Best Cooking Methods: EVERYTHING - ITS BACON

Pork Back Fat
$2.00 / lb.

Sold in large slabs with skin on.
 Average package weight (5 - 8 lbs).

Back fat is the hard fat that is under the skin of a pig and can be rendered into lard or used to deep fry.


Best Cooking Methods: Rendering, Sausage Making, Soap Making.

Pork Liver
$3.00 / lb.

Sold in individual packages.
 Average package weight (.8 - 1.5 lbs)

For you adventurous cooks out there, high in nutritional value, liver can be used to make a liverwurst or soaked in milk and then sautéed.


Best Cooking Methods: Sautéed, Stir fried, Roasted.
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