What is our Cabbage Card Program?

It’s our own currency you can use here at the farm – you pre-buy Cabbage Cash on our Cabbage Card and use it all season long like cash. The more “cabbage” you buy, the more you save. We want to give our loyal farm customers a discount and pre-purchasing with us also helps our small farm manage cash flow.

How much does this cost and how much do I save?

There are no fees associated with being a Cabbage Card Member, only savings. We require a minimum purchase of $50 Cabbage Cash and have a limit of $400 Cabbage Cash. Discounts range from 10% -15% and the chart below the cash value you get and what you pay.




$50 Cabbage Cash

10% Discount


$75 Cabbage Cash

10% Discount


$100 Cabbage Cash

12% Discount


$150 Cabbage Cash

12% Discount


$200 Cabbage Cash

12% Discount


$250 Cabbage Cash

15% Discount


$300 Cabbage Cash

15% Discount


$350 Cabbage Cash

15% Discount


$400 Cabbage Cash

15% Discount


So wait – I pay $88 dollars and get a card with $100 cash to spend?!

Yes – once you place your order, we will mail you a Cabbage Card with the full cash amount loaded on it. Then you can use it like cash on ANY purchases with us!

When can I buy Cabbage Cash?

Your physical Cabbage Card you will receive is reloadable. We will offer two times a year to load up your Cabbage Card. This year it will be March and July. You will have until March 30th to purchase Cabbage Cash. In July we offer a reloading of your Cabbage Cash. This way you can add additional dollars if your Cabbage Cash is running low. Any unused Cabbage Cash in 2023 will carry over to the next year. In 2024 we will open up Cabbage Cash purchasing in the months of January and July. 

Does my Cabbage Cash Expire?

Nope. As long as we have a farm selling things – your Cabbage Cash is valid!

Where can I use my Cabbage Card and how do I pay with it?

Any where we sell stuff. You can use the card at our self-checkout in the farm stand, at the farmers market, at our on-farm events, in our online store, and through any of our pre-order offers we have.  It works just like a gift card/credit card. For in person sales, just hand us the card and we take care of it. For our self-serv farmstand, online store, and pre-orders choose the “gift card” for payment and follow the prompts. 

How much Cabbage Cash should I pre-buy?

Think about your shopping with us over the year. What do you spend at our plant sale, the farm stand, the farmers market, our holiday shopping event, our weekly egg program, and our pre-orders for meat. Below are a few scenarios:

1.  If you buy 4 dozen eggs a month from us at $6 a dozen, that works out to $24 a month. If you bought $150 of Cabbage Cash (for $132.00) that would cover your egg purchases for 6 months. You could then reload your card in July for your egg purchases through December.

2.  If you shop with us at the farmers market and spend $30 there typically, you could purchase $200 of Cabbage Cash (for $176) and that would cover 6 markets.

3.  If you typically spend $75 at our plant sale, buy $40 worth of meat and veggies a month from our farm stand, and then you purchase $40 our holiday chari-teas in December you could purchase $350 of Cabbage Cash (for $297.50) to cover your purchases.

Can I check my Cabbage Card Balance?

Yes – once we issue your card you can check your balance here :

What if I lose my Cabbage Card?

Get in touch and we can transfer your balance to another card.

Can everyone get a Cabbage Card?

This will be offered to our current customers and supporters first. We are limiting it to one Cabbage Card per household. For this first opening we will be limiting Cabbage Card membership to 40 people – we will open additional membership opportunities in July. We will take a wait list if we reach 40 people and open additional membership slots as we can accommodate more people.