A Family Run Farm

Meet the J's and K's of the J&K's Good Thyme Farm team.


Crazy dreamer. Chicken Wrangler. Woman in Charge.

Meet Kirby, the lady with a plan. A sometimes too big plan, that happens to fall into place because of the love dedication and hard work of her family. 

Her love of growing, farming and the earth was cultivated at a young age, but took its roots in college when she embarked on a journey to eat nothing but local food for an entire year. Through this journey, she lent a hand on many pieces of land, learned about an amazing sub culture of community support and developed a thirst for providing for the community and earth in a more sustainable way. 

Fast forward fifteen years and a long sleeping dream was born and a small scale operation was born. During the day you can find Kirby working for the MDPH State Office of Rural Health. 


Water Warrior. Strawberry Queen. Quality Control.

Meet Kathy, the one who keeps everyone on point. It's a tough job but someones has to do it. She maintains and executes the most important piece of our operation everyday... watering. If two hours of lugging watering buckets, adjusting hose pressure and making sure all the plants have an equal drink isn't enough, you can find her weeding, tending to her strawberry patch or looking over the many two and one four legged friends on the farm.  


Chief Engineer. Realism Officer. Man of Mechanics.

Meet Joey, the realistic supporter. Who plays the important role of making sure the plan is do-able, and reeling it all in. 

If it has a motor or mechanics, he's in charge of it. That means figuring out the right pressure and grade of 800 feet of irrigation hoses, the best way to couple together rain barrels, and how to keep the few pieces of old motorized equipment we have...running. That's on top of moving wheelbarrows of rocks, clearing new areas for growing, harvesting buckets of tomatoes and keeping up with the everyday to-do lists to keep things growing. 

By day you can find him working in the IT field, for UMASS Memorial Health Care. In the evenings, after navigating the farm crisis of the day, you can find him with a beer and usually a sporting event on the TV. 



Chief Builder. Rock Hauler. Top Laborer.

If something needs to be built, hauled, cleared or moved Kevo is the man on the mission. His mastery carpenter skills have built our out buildings, his chainsaw skills have cleared towering scrub pines, and his non stop energy has moved enough rocks to build a small fort. On top of that, any list or task that needs doing, he will hop right into. He and Kathy keep the day to day up and running here at the farm, instead of enjoying the peaceful relaxing retirement they dreamed of.