A Small Family Run Farm

Photos From Our 2016 Farmshares

Take a gander at our weekly shares from our very first season. We planned for a 15 week season. Despite having one of the most extreme droughts in decades we managed to have shares all but one week of the season. Week Seven is not pictured since Farmer Kirby was away. 

Week One 
Red Russian Kale, Kholrabi, Easter Egg Radishes, Garlic Scapes, Alfalfa Sprouts. Herb Bag with Oregano and Thyme.
Week One: Pictured Three Full Shares and Two Half Shares

Week Three

Kholrabi, Red Russian Kale, Bag of Salad Greens, Bag of Oregano, Sage and Thyme, Winterboar Kale and Sugar Snap Peas
Pictured are three full shares and two half shares.

Week Five

Three Full and one Half Share Pictured.
Lucky 8 Squash, Zucchini Squash, Golden Glory Summer Squash, Music Garlic, Romaine Lettuce, Kale.
Trilogy Bean Mix, Bag of Salad Greens

Week Eight

Three Full Shares and Three Half Shares Pictured.
Winterbor Kale, Radish, Assorted Cherry Tomatoes, Squash, Bag of Greens, Bunch of Herbs.
Pole Beans, Strawberry Paw Potatoes, Cucumbers, Broccoli/Cauliflower.

Week Ten

Tomatoes, Bag of Greens, Scallions, Squash, Radish, Cukes, Kale. Three Full & Three Half Shares
Close up Full Shares (No Scallions or Kale Pictured)
Close up Half Shares (No Kale Pictured).

Week Twelve

Tomatoes, Cukes, Bell Peppers, Dill, Kale and Lettuce. Four Full Shares (No Kale or Lettuce Pictured)
Four Half Shares Pictured.
Close Up.
Week Two
Red Russian Kale, Bag of Lettuce Greens, Easter Egg Radishes, Baguette, Oregano and Sage. Two Full and Two Half Shares Pictured.
A view of our early season Easter Egg Radishes. They are mild and delicious.

Week Four

Red Russian Kale, Romaine Lettuce, Bag of Salad Greens, Basil, Sage, Alfalfa Sprouts, Czech Garlic
Three Full and Two Half Shares Pictured.

Week Six

Three Full Shares and Two Half Shares Pictured.
Full Share Pictured. Carrots, Squash, Dragon Tounge Beans, Kale, Cucumber, Lettuce Bag, Herb Bag
Half Share Pictured

Week Nine

Three Full and Two Half Shares Pictured.
Tomatoes, Squash, Cukes, Beans, Potatoes, Herbs, Kale.
Tomatoes: Sun Gold, Yellow Pear, Taxi, Striped German, Pink Berkley Tie Dye.

Week Eleven

Tomatoes, Lettuce Bag, Herb Bag, Patterson Onions, Elba Potatoes, Cukes, Kale.
Two Half Shares
Three Full Shares (No Kale Pictured)

Week Thirteen

Tomatoes, Cukes, Bell Peppers, Red Onions, Winter Squash, Kale, Sunflowers
Full Share Close Up.
Half Share Close Up

Week Fourteen

Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Hot Peppers, Radishes, Dent Corn, Lettuce Bag, Herb Bag.